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Training and Consultancy


We offer a variety of training packages to all our clients not just on the software we provide but on financial planning, costing and budgeting in the NHS.  You do not have to purchase one of our systems to take advantage of our full range of bespoke training for finance departments.

Our trainers come from a variety of financial backgrounds and have many years experience in public sector finance.  
Training packages can be run in-house or at our London offices.


Our consultants provide expert help with utilising our systems ensuring maximum optimisation of all our software. It is not essential to purchase consultancy days with any of our products but if you need extra help we are here to provide it.

Ways in which our consultants have helped NHS clients is by providing assistance with costing projects and completion of budgets.

Inscope Solutions is a specialist provider of software solutions to public sector organisations in the UK. We offer bugeting software and bespoke solutions to the NHS, training packages and consultancy on software decisions.