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Inscope Solutions provides financial software and bespoke solutions to the public sector. 

Our portfolio ranges from budgeting and forecasting software to audit and governance tools.  

We specialise in providing solutions to a wide range of financial clients including the NHS.


Budget Master


Budget Master

Proven delivery of accurate budgets

Budget Master, from Inscope Solutions, is an innovative easy-to-use software solution designed specifically for the NHS finance professional.

Budget setting in the NHS is a detailed and time consuming process. The need for accuracy is fundamental to delivering a balanced budget. Many finance professionals rely on spreadsheets which are difficult to reconcile, control and maintain. Relying on multiple linking and complicated formulae can let you down and miss those important deadlines.

The technology behind Budget Master introduces a structured approach to ensure that high quality and accurate information is provided through a suite of built-in reports. Budget Master is a robust system that will facilitate the rapid production and revision of your budgets.

Budget Master

Key benefits for your organisation

  • Fast and accurate results
  • Centralisation of the budgeting process
  • Simplifies complex pay calculations
  • Advanced reporting suite
  • Full tracking and audit trail
  • Multi-user functionality
  • Financial modelling
Budget Master


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Inscope Solutions is a specialist provider of software solutions to public sector organisations in the UK. We offer bugeting software and bespoke solutions to the NHS, training packages and consultancy on software decisions.